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Friday, 26th of November – Friday, 24th December

Phoenix Rose Home & Garden is delighted to announce that we will be opening the doors to our magical

Santa’s Grotto again this year and will be keeping individual and COVID-SECURE family group visits with Santa.

Outdoor Plants

We offer a diverse range of outdoor plants, catering to every gardeners desire. Whether you seek vibrant foliage or lush greenery we’ve got it covered. Let your gardening aspirations flourish with our exceptional array of plants. You will discover enchanting perennials, hardy shrubs, captivating climbers, colourful bedding, luscious fruit trees and nourishing vegetables.

We understand that every garden is unique hence why our range boasts such diversity. Our collection suits a wide range of aspects, ensure that there are options for all environments. Whether is its sun drenched paradise or a shaded sanctuary . We also appreciate that every gardener has unique desires. If you are someone who prefers low- maintenance plants that thrive with little fuss or someone who delights in spending ample time nurturing to your outdoor paradise, we have the perfect solutions to meet your preferences.

Get inspired by our plant collection today and enhance your perfect outdoor oasis.

Indoor Plants

Step into our houseplant haven, where the beauty of nature transcends traditional boundaries. Indoor plants infuses your living space with style and sophistication.

Our advanced collection will elevate your homes ambiance whilst purifying the air at the same time. These green companions are the ‘must have’ addition to you cosy abode.

In addition to above we take pride in offering houseplants of the highest quality. Furthermore, we endeavour to source unique specimens that will certainly stand out, ensuring that our collection is truly one of a kind.

Revitalise your interior by adding some green elegance to your home.