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Friday, 26th of November – Friday, 24th December

Phoenix Rose Home & Garden is delighted to announce that we will be opening the doors to our magical

Santa’s Grotto again this year and will be keeping individual and COVID-SECURE family group visits with Santa.

Maidenhead Aquatics at Thompsons of Crews Hill

For more than 30 years, Maidenhead Aquatics has proudly been run by fish keepers, for fish keepers.

With over 800 staff, based across 160 stores, you’re never far away from all the help and experience you might need. It is this fish keeping ethos that’s at the heart of everything we do. Their experience and dedication is what makes our staff stand out, and their expert advice has enriched the hobby nationwide for first-time fish keepers and experienced aquarists alike.

Therefore we are very proud to profile just a selection of some of our fantastic staff members, where you can discover more about them- be it their favourite fish, best fish keeping experience or their top tips for an amazing aquarium!

Enfield Maidenhead Aquatics has a unique character, with a huge choice of tropical freshwater, fancy Goldfish, outdoor coldwater fish and Japanese Koi along with a great customer service.

We have four very large plant tanks with one of the best selections of aquarium plants in Crews Hill.

If you love fish keeping have a look at our big selection of aquariums and Oase pond equipment. We also have a very good selection of other goods for all fish keeping needs, some of these include, fish foods, treatments, and decor.

In Season we have a massive selection of high quality Pond Plants and Lilies.